Dear Master's students,
Those of you who are finishing up a thesis or project in either spring 2013 or summer 2013 semesters will want to review the time lines for the semester, "Deadlines" in red type on 

Students completing a thesis are required to meet with the Special Collections Librarian at Fenwick library for a format review, so get started on that now.   The library has some new information and any upcoming workshops posted here.  Schedule your thesis defense with your committee members early - don't wait until March or April to try and contact your committee members!  Once you have the OK to go ahead with the defense from your Committee Chair find out if you are expected to arrange the defense meeting.  If so, I suggest using an online scheduling tool such as

Students finishing up a project will schedule oral and written comprehensive exams with their Committee Chair.  Please schedule those exams now since faculty will not be available if you wait until March or April !  Keep in mind that spring break is March 11-15 and some faculty will be unavailable during that week.

If you will finish your thesis in summer 2013, you'll need to register for at least one credit of BIOL 799 in summer.  There is no need to register in summer unless you will graduate in that term.

Project students who have registered for BIOL 798 in spring 2013 but will finish the project requirements in summer will fill out the "Special Registration" form to graduate in summer term.  It's found on the Registrar's website noted below.

File for graduation now using Patriot Web - details are found on 

Any questions after reading the appropriate websites, please let me know.
thank you,
Diane St. Germain


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