Dear Graduate Students,


I have received more than one request on this issue. Hence, I have to respond collectively.


1.       Please directly contact your PhD advisor for CEIE 998 and CEIE 999 registration. Your advisor will give you a CRN number that is assigned to him/her (all advisor who are currently advising PhD students have received their Spring 2013 CRN numbers). You can directly register on patriotweb using that CRN number. You DO NOT need to fill the individualized section form.


2.       If you are planning to take MS thesis credits (CEIE 799), MS project credits (CEIE 798) or directed readings (CEIE 796, CEIE 896), you have to fill the individualized section form and get the instructor’s signature. After that, please drop the form to our office manager, Nikki Jerome.


Note that the last day to add classes is January 29.




Girum Urgessa, CEIE Graduate Coordinator