Not really. I just want to create rules. I'll set some 
rule types later. And in between I've read half of the 
manual, beginning to understand that it is possible 
with ecj. 

The ruleengine will be used to annotate clinical text. 
And I want to write my bachelor thesis about this 
project. I don't like the idea to reinvent the wheel, 
so I try something new. 

Back to your question:
I like the idea of Lenat also but I would not want 
to publish it, because I don't think that humans
are civilized enough to use these programs correctly.


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Betreff: Re: Hierarchical GP

On Tue, 15 Jan 2013, Bojan Janisch might have said:

> Hello everyone,
> my problem is that I want to use a hierarchical GP engine. 
> So is it possible with ecj to solve a GP-problem in a 
> GP-problem?
> Background:
> I want to combine a rulebased method with GP to create and 
> extend rules automatically. The Problem is that I'm using 
> hierarchical rules, means rules that are based on other rules.
> To solve this I must first calculate the non-based rules to a 
> best fit and than calculate the combination of these rules 
> to find the best rulebased rules.
> So is ECJ capable of this?
> In worst case I maybe have to write my own GP engine, that is 
> using ECJ for non-based rules, to find the best solution in 
> rulebased-rules.
> Greets from Germany
> Bojan


Are you wanting to do something like Lenat's Eurisko?
I find Eurisko's idea very interesting.