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     Good Morning All!

     See the following Email in regards to VGEA and taking part in the 
Push for Salary Increases!! Feel free to Forward!

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Hi Everyone,

As a member of the Staff Senate, I am passing the following information 
to you.

The Virginia Government Employees Association (VGEA)  has posted the 
following newsletter.  Please read it and feel free to privately 
demonstrate your support for this VGEA initiative.  This would be a 
great reward to all who work so hard for the Commonwealth.

Ginnie Mahoney

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Subject: 	VGEA eNews - Legislative ACTION ALERT!
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*Today's News:*
*You're Invited to Legislative Day! <#LETTER.BLOCK19>*
*Join or Renew Today <#LETTER.BLOCK2>*
*FREE Auto Insurance Quote <#LETTER.BLOCK18>*
*What's Happening on Capitol Square? <#LETTER.BLOCK20>*
*Bills Worth Watching <#LETTER.BLOCK17>*

You're Invited to
/ VGEA's/
/Legislative Day/!
On Monday, February 18, at 9 a.m. we'll meet by the large clock in front 
of the General Assembly Build- ing on Capital Square. (If you see 
General Washing- ton's statue, pictured above, he's riding away from 
that building).

*Please RSVP to the VGEA Office by e-mail: [log in to unmask] 
<mailto:[log in to unmask]> or toll-free 877-302-7146.*

Like us on Facebook 

/*Add an email address to our mailing list <mailto:[log in to unmask]>


Renew Today! 
*Virginia Governmental*
at the Capitol!

Share this newsletter with your fellow employees and remind them that 
the VGEA is the/*only*/ organization working to protect state employee 
salaries, benefits and retirement.
/*The work o*//*f t*//*he VG*//*EA is supported only by member dues*//*.*/

*Click here to join. 
At just $4 per pay period ($2 for retirees) it's an investment in 
yourself and your future.

/*Call for Your Free Quote!*/
*It's time to think
about saving money this year on
Auto Insurance!
VGEA members save an EXTRA 15% off Elephant's already
low rates!*
*For more information, visit the VGEA Insurance Program page 
on the website! /
You must be a member to sign-in./*

*January 29, 2013*

/Contact Your Legislators //TODAY!/
/Budget Amendment Decisions will be Made This Week!

*Call and send e-mails to your legislators 
<>*. They need to hear */YOUR VOICE 
this week!/*Be heard *NOW to influence the votes in your favor*.

Let YOUR Delegate and Senator know that you and your family need and 
deserve a

*5 percent salary increase*. Tell them it has been /*six years*/ since 
your take home pay has increased and that you need a raise - not more 
cuts! *Every state employee and his or her family members must get 
involved in this effort! *

Click here 
to find the name and e-mail address/telephone number of YOUR Delegate 
and Senator. Simply clickFind your Elected Officials in the left hand 
menu. When you click on that, there will be two blanks for your address, 
then town, state, and zip. Enter those and hit return and all your 
Legislators will appear with their contact information. Open a new 
e-mail message, enter your Delegate's or Senator's e-mail address and 
then the subject (STATE EMPLOYEE SALARY INCREASE and BONUS) andyour 
message. Below is a suggested message you can copy, but feel free to 
choose your own words.

Dear Delegate/Senator _____:

I work for the Department of _______ and have been a state employee for 
more than ____ years. My take home pay has not increased in /*six 
years*/, but I'm doing my best for the citizens of the Commonwealth and 
am working harder and longer to do so in the face of continuing staff 
reductions and budget cuts.

Because of the recent expiring Social Security holiday, my take home pay 
was cut 2 percent /*again*/. State workers simply keep getting cut after 
cut with no increases and *we need a REAL pay raise*. JLARC has also 
reported that state salaries are no longer competitive for recruiting 
and retaining good employees. *Our health insurance premiums are also 
set to rise again this summer, taking even more out of our pockets*.

After more than */SIX/* years with no salary increase, the 
Commonwealth's employees *deserve a 5 percent raise*. Please do your 
best to deliver that to us in 2013 by supporting the budget amendment 
(Senate Item 468 #3s) to raise the state employees' salary increase from 
the 2 percent currently allowed. In addition, state workers would 
appreciate your support of the performance-based bonus amendment (House 
Item 468 #3h). Please help Virginia's state employees.



Send your message and you're done.

*Please share this newsletter with your co-workers. /Spread the word!/ 
We need thousands of e-mails, calls and letters from state employees and 
their families pouring in to the General Assembly members over the next 
week! *

/*Thank you for your continued support of VGEA - */

/*The VOICE for Virginia's State Employees and Retirees!*/

What's Happening on Capitol Square?
/Special Money Committee Meetings This Sunday, Feb. 3 /

The House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees will begin their 
behind-the-scenes mark-up on the Governor's proposed budget this week. 
The results will be announced in special meetings of each committee this 

Your VGEA lobbying team is continuing its efforts to include an 
additional bonus and/or pay raise for state employees in these committee 
recommendations. Your calls and emails help to raise awareness of the 
Delegates and Senators about these issues, so *THANK YOU to those of you 
who have communicated with your legislators!* There are many competing 
interests in the General Assembly for a /very/ limited amount of money. 
If you haven't already contacted your representatives about the salary 
increase and bonus, please do so before Monday! *The fate of our state 
employee pay raise is in your hands*. See the article above for details 
about how to contact your legislator. /*Your voice needs to be heard now. */

Senator Adam Ebbin took action this week to repeal an archaic law still 
on the books in Virginia which makes it illegal for unmarried couples to 

Also at the Capitol, Senator Adam Ebbin started the repeal process for 
an archaic 18th century law that's still on the books that makes it 
illegal in Virginia for unmarried couples to live together. Yes, you or 
someone you know /could/ be arrested for that!

Following up on the last /eNews/, Senator Ebbin's and Senator McEachin's 
co-sponsored Non-Discrimination in State Government Employment Bill 
SB701 <> 
legislation was approved in the Senate, but is not expected to make it 
through the House, which has happened in years past. Monitor this and 
other bills of interest through the Legislative Information System 
<> (LIS) and contact your legislator to 
encourage his or her support of specific bills and amendments.

Visit your VGEA homepage at <> for 
General Assembly daily news headline updates.

As you can see below, there are many bills and budget amendments that 
are of direct interest to VGEA members, some of greater impact than others.

Check your inbox for the next issue of /eNews/ for the latest bill 
tracking updates -and in the meantime, check their status using the LIS, 
take action and /*contact your legislators today to help the legislation 
go YOUR WAY! */

Legislation Worth Watching
Which Bills Interest YOU?

For more information about each piece of legislation, please click the 
bill title below. The link will take you to the Virginia General 
Assembly Legislative Information System website 
<>( which 
will provide you with all the details including the legislators 
sponsoring the bill.  If any link malfunctions, just go to the LIS site 
listed above and enter the bill number to go to that page.

*The most important Senate budget amendment to ask your legislator to 
support is Item 468 #3s 
Chief Patron: /Charles J. Colgan 
<>/. This 
amendment provides funding for an *additional 3 percent across the board 
salary increase for state workers and would increase the current 2 
percent raise currently budgeted for July 2013 to 5 percent for all 
active state employees*.

*Another significant budget amendment for state workers is House**Item 
468 #3h 
would set aside resources, if available, for a one-time 
performance-based bonus on October 15, 2013**for all full-time, 
non-elected eligible state employees*. Click here to read the details. 

*SB701 State government employment; nondiscrimination. 

*SB704 Workers' compensation; disease presumption, corrections officers. 


SB727 Workers' compensation; presumptions, members of enforcement 
division of DMV <>.

SB816 Payment of wages to employees; requires employers to maintain and 
preserve certain records. 

SB921 Health insurance reform; revises State's laws.

SB922 Health insurance; plan management and rate review. 
<> *


*HB1336 Tax credit for employees who telework. 
<> *

HB1356 Health insurance; local government employees eligible to 
participate in state employee plan 

*HB1393 Fleet management; DGS to issue guidance documents to govern use 
of vehicles in state fleet. 


HB1769 Health insurance; plan management and rate review. 

* *
*HB1873 Health information technology; health benefit exchange 
participants. <>*

SB774 Workers' compensation; disease presumption, corrections officers. 

*SB811 State or local employees; filing fraudulent liens or encumbrances 
against, penalty 

HB1422 Interchangeable biosimilar biological products; permits 
pharmacists to dispense. 

HB1478 State Inspector General; powers and duties. 

HB1532 Virginia Retirement System; benefits for certain local employees. 

HB1625 Virginia Retirement System; collection of overpayments to 
retirees and beneficiaries. 
*HB1489 State employees; State Comptroller to process payroll on weekly 
basis. <>*
SB838 State employees; option of converting accumulated sick leave into 
service credit under VRS. 

HB1590 VRS; certain higher educational institution employees in optional 
retirement plan 

*HB1625 Virginia Retirement System; collection of overpayments to 
retirees and beneficiaries 
SB995 VRS; technical changes regarding retirement plans. 


SB1104 State officers and employees; removal of certain officers from 
office. <>

* *

SB1178 Fraud and Abuse Whistle Blower Reward Fund; amount of reward. 

* *
*SB1244 Virginia Retirement System benefits. 
HB2021 Public employment; prohibits discrimination. 


HB2138 Health Insurance Reform Commission; established, report. 

SB1367 Health insurance; local government employees eligibile to 
participate in state employee plan. 

*HB2168 Virginia Retirement System; hybrid retirement program. 
<> *

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