Hello Ladies and Gentleman,

I'm running into a problem with visualisation of a 3D project of mine.
I have several 3D Grids which represent moving Agents and chemical
concentartions. For the Agents I use a SparseGrid3D. The agents from
time to time spread different chemicals. The chemicals are spread in a
30 neighborhoud of an agent and form a gradient. Using a relative small
space, lets say 30x30x30 is very slow when the chemicals are spread, but
its working. Choosing a 50x50x50 grid gives me a heap overflow, even
with 1 GB of RAM given.
I think the problem is, that even if there is no chemical, for each
voxel an object is created and rendered (as transparent in my case).
So I tried to represent the chemical as Objects in a SparseGrid. But
now, when the objects are created, the application gets too slow
(because its 30 objects).

Can someone give me a hint how to model and visualize a chemical, spread
as a gradient in a 3D space? The Grid should be about 100 x 100 x 100
and the area which gets covered with the chemical is about 30 x 30 x 30.
ValueGrid3d was my preferred solution because it's very easy to
calculate the concentrations of the chemicals and their changes. Maybe
someone knows how to optimze the visualisation? For example that zero
values do not get rendered at all?
I can also share my sourcecode if it helps you to understand my problem!

Kind Regards

Norman Rennhack