I've received a request to include as-the-crow-flies distance neighborhoods (circular, spherical) for the grid environments.  While I'm mulling over exactly what the semantics of such neighborhoods should be (cells entirely within the circle?  Intersecting with the circle?), I'm also trying to figure out what the name should be for lookup methods.

For example, square/cube regions are designated as Moore neighborhoods, and diamond/octohedron regions are designated as Von Neumann neighborhoods, so we stuff like (using our newly renamed methods out on SVN):


These names work fine for both 2D and 3D.  We also have getHexagonalNeighbors which only works for 2D but that's fine because it's only a concept in 2D.

Now I need a single name for neighbors within a circular region, or within a spherical region.  Some possible names: AsTheCrowFlies, StraightLineDistance, Spherical, Ball.  None of these are very appealing.  NetLogo uses the curious "in-radius" (as opposed to "in-moore-radius" etc.).