Just passing this along to GeoMason users since GeoMason relies heavily on
JTS.  You might want this version given its bug fixes.  In any case, I'll
be updating the GeoMason site in a bit to reflect the advent of JTS 1.13.

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Date: Thu, Dec 13, 2012 at 12:10 PM
Subject: [Jts-topo-suite-user] JTS 1.13 released
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 I'm happy to announce that JTS 1.13 has been released and is now available
for download from SourceForge at


There are many new features, improvements and bug fixes in this release.
The full list is:

Functionality Improvements

   - Changed GeometryFactory.createGeometry() to make a deep copy of the
   argument Geometry, using the CoordinateSequenceFactory of the factory
   - Added ability to specify a dimension in CoordinateArraySequence
   - Changed Geometry.getEnvelopeInternal() to return a copy of the cached
   envelope, to prevent modification
   - Added GeometryEditor.CoordinateSequenceOperation to allow easy editing
   of constituent CoordinateSequences
   - Added GeometryFactory.createPolygon convenience methods which do not
   require holes to be specified
   - Geometry overlay methods now return empty results as atomic types of
   appropriate dimension
   - Added RectangleLineIntersector to provide efficient rectangle-line
   intersection testing
   - Added getOrdinate and setOrdinate to Coordinate
   - Quadtree is Serializable
   - STRtree is Serializable
   - Added max, average and wrap functions to MathUtil
   - Improved WKTReader parse error reporting to report input line of error
   - Improved WKBReader to repair structurally-invalid input
   - Made TopologyPreservingSimplifier thread-safe
   - Added AbstractSTRtree.isEmpty() method
   - Added QuadTree.isEmpty() method
   - Added KdTree.isEmpty() method
   - Added decimation and duplicate point removal to ShapeWriter.
   - ScaledNoder now preserves Z values of input
   - Added instance methods for all **Triangle** static methods
   - Added CGAlgorithmsDD containing high-precision versions of some basic
   CG algorithms
   - Added IntersectionMatrix.isTrue() method for testing IM pattern
   - Added getRawCoordinates methods to PackedCoordinateSequence concrete
   - Modified Geometry.isSimple() to explicity check for simplicity for all
   types, and support GeometryCollections
   - Improved MCIndexSnapRounder to add nodes only where they are necessary
   - Added CoordinateArrays.removeNull() method
   - Enhanced GeometryEditor to handle null geometries returned from
   - Added WKBHExFileReader
   - Added Distance3D operation

Performance Improvements

   - Simplified & improved performance of RectangleIntersects by using new
   - In RandomPointsInGridBuilder eliminated redundant ArrayList usage
   - In PreparedPolygonIntersects and PreparedLineStringIntersects added
   check to avoid creating segment index if all test inputs are points
   - In AbstractSTRtree switched to using indexed list access for better
   performance than using iterators
   - In AbstractSTRtree freed inserted item array after index is built
   - Improved performance of Polygonizer for cases with many potential
   - Improved performance for some DD methods by making them final
   - Added fast filter for CGAlgorithmsDD.orientationIndex, and switched to
   self-operations for DD determinant
   - Changed STRtree.createNode() to use a static class for nodes
   - Changed QuadTree Node to use scalar x and y variables rather than a
   Coordinate to reduce memory allocation
   - Fixed PreparedGeometry concrete classes to be thread-safe.
   - Fixed SortedPackedIntervalRTree so that it is thread-safe.

Robustness Improvements

   - Switched to using DD extended-precision arithmetic to compute
   orientation predicate
   - CGAlgorithms.distanceLineLine() improved to be more robust and
   - Fixed robustness issue causing Empty Stack failure in ConvexHull for
   some nearly collinear inputs
   - CGAlgorithms.signedArea() uses a more accurate algorithm

Bug Fixes

   - Fixed Geometry.equalsExact() to avoid NPE when comparing empty and
   non-empty Points
   - Fixed CascadedPolygonUnion to discard non-polygonal components created
   during unioning, to avoid failures and provide more desirable behaviour
   - Fixed CentralEndpointIntersector to initialize result correctly
   - Fixed DelaunayTriangulationBuilder.extractUniqueCoordinates(Geometry)to
avoid mutating the vertex order of the input Geometry
   - Fixed ConformingDelaunayTriangulationBuilder to allow non-disjoint
   site and constraint vertex sets
   - Fixed RandomPointsInGridBuilder point generation to use circle
   constraint correctly
   - Fixed Linear Referencing API to handle MultiLineStrings consistently,
   by always using the lowest possible index value, and by trimming
   zero-length components from results
   - Fixed bug in LocationIndexedLine and LengthIndexLine which was causing
   an assertion failure when the indexOfAfter() method was called with a
   constraint location which is at the end of the line
   - Fixed bug in STRtree.query(Envelope, ItemVisitor) causing an NPE when
   tree is empty
   - Fixed issue with creating zero-length edges during buffer topology
   building under fixed precision, by: adding filter to remove zero-length
   edges; using a better estimate of scale factor for reducing to fixed
   precision after initial failure.
   - Fixed TopologyPreservingSimplifier to return a valid result for closed
   LineStrings with large distance tolerances
   - Fixed TopologyPreservingSimplifier to return an empty result for an
   empty input
   - Fixed DouglasPeuckerSimplifier to return an empty result for an empty
   - Fixed MinimumBoundingCircle to correctly compute circle for obtuse
   - Fixd GeometryPrecisionReducer to use input GeometryFactory when
   polygon topology is fixed
   - Fixed GeometryNoder bug that was failing to snap to end vertices of
   - Fixed Geometry.getCentroid() and Geometry.getInteriorPoint() to
return POINT
   EMPTY for empty inputs
   - Fixed DelaunayTriangulationBuilder to correctly extract unique points
   - Fixed KdTree to correctly handle inserting duplicate points into an
   empty tree
   - Fixed LineSegment.projectionFactor() to handle zero-length lines (by
   returning Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY)
   - Fixed LocationIndexedLine to handle locations on zero-length lines
   - Fixed LengthIndexedLine and LocationIndexedLine to handle
   indexOfAfter() correctly
   - Fixed WKBReader to handle successive geometrys with different
   - Fixed GeometricShapeFactory to correctly handle setting the centre
   - Fixed GeometryFactory.createMultiPoint(CoordinateSequence) to handle
   sequences of dimension > 3

API Changes

   - Changed visibility of TaggedLineStringSimplifier back to public due to
   user demand


   - Added Performance Testing framework (PerformanceTestRunner and
   - Added named predicate tests to all Relate test cases


   - Peter Hopfgartner - improved area computation
   - Michael Michaud - snap-rounding improvements

JTS TestBuilder Functionality Improvements

   - Added segment index visualization styling
   - Improved *Geometry Inspector*
   - Added stream digitizing for Polygon and LineString tools
   - Added output of Test Case XML with WKB
   - Added Extract Component tool
   - Added Delete Vertices Or Components tool
   - Added Geometry Edit Panel pop-up menu, with operations
   - Added Halton sequence functions
   - Added sorting functions
   - Added function for selection of first N components
   - Added CGAlgorithms functions
   - Added ability to paste and load multiple WKBHex geometries

Performance Improvements

   - Using decimation substantially improves rendering time for large

Bug Fixes

   - Fixed bug in saving XML test files

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