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I have not had many responses yet to my request for student research day participants.  If you know that you will be graduating this semester (BCB) and have not yet participated in student research day then you will need to participate.  

If you will be presenting a poster for Student Research Day then please send me a working title.

Faculty, if you have students that you would like to seeing doing an oral presentation then please let me know.


Please mark your calendars for this semester’s Student Research Day, Tuesday, December 4, from 3:00 pm until 6:00 pm on the PW campus.
SSB Student Research Day is a venue for graduate students from the School of Systems Biology, as well as other departments, to present the research they have been working on throughout the semester.
Student Research Day is a graduation requirement for students in the BCB program.  It is optional for all other students.
This semester we will have three options for students to present their research:

1.     Oral Presentations – these students must be nominated by their advisors.  Generally there are six to eight slots for oral presentations.  In order to make this fair for everyone, each advisor can nominate only one person.  I will need an abstract with title from the one person nominated by each advisor.  Individuals who are chosen to present their oral presentations will be notified.

2.     Poster Presentations – these studednts can nominate themselves with permission from their advisor. 

3.     Digital Presentations – these individuals will need to provide their own laptop computers for their presentation.  Digital presentations will take place at the same time as poster presentations.

The deadline for signing up to participate in Student Research Day is Friday, November 2, 2012.  After this deadline you will not be guaranteed space/ time to present. 
Please contact me if you are interested in presenting a poster or if you are interested in doing a digital presentation.  If you are interested in participating by doing an oral presentation you will need to speak to your faculty advisor and ask them to nominate you.  I will not be able to accept any oral presentation information from students.
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