I see.  I was confused by the term "neighbor" in the documentation and
method name, which I now understand simply means a "location in the grid
close to some reference point" rather than any object at any of those

I didn't see any method called
"getNeighborsAndCorrespondingPositionsMaxDistance" in the ClassDoc, which
probably contributed to my confusion.

I'll try it.


On 8/9/12 4:44 PM, "Sean Luke" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> On Aug 9, 2012, at 8:12 PM, Russell Thomas wrote:
>> I have a separate bug to report in "getNeighborsMaxDistance" and related
>> methods.
>> The methods include two mutable IntBags "xPos" and "yPos" that are supposed
>> to be filled with "each x and y value of these locations in the provided
>> IntBags xPos and yPos, clearing the bags first" (quoted from the ClassDoc).
>> The bug is that these bags are filled with EVERY x and y location within the
>> range of maxDistance, not just the x and y locations of objects found in the
>> grid.
> This isn't a bug -- it's how the methods are supposed to work.  All <x,y>
> locations neighboring a given location are put into the IntBags.  Then all the
> objects lying within those locations are put into the result Bag.  Where did
> you see documentation stating otherwise?
> There is another function called
> getNeighborsAndCorrespondingPositionsMaxDistance(...) which does what you want
> I think (and hope).
> Sean