My name is Jen Garrott and I am an Associate Producer for Colonial Williamsburg Productions.

One of our recent ventures has been “Colonial Williamsburg Connect” which ties together our American history with current political issues and encourages people to participate and contribute to political debate.

Among the many media items we produce for the Connect website are webcasts. These happen every couple of months and focus on a particular theme or topic. Here is an example of our most recent one so you can see what the format is (usually a host and a couple of panel members discussing the matter at hand, intercut with prerecorded video segments)


Aside from Thomas Jefferson and other Colonial Williamsburg characters, our other panelists are usually experts in the fields of political science, history, or law. In an effort to hear new voices and opinions in our upcoming webcast, I am looking specifically for a young (20s-30s) panel member.

Our upcoming topic for the September webcast is voting so our ideal candidate must be able to speak knowledgeably on the topics of the history of voting rights, expansion of the franchise, the need for free and open elections, modern voting issues, and would be comfortable on camera. We would prefer someone local to Virignia or willing to provide their own transportation.  The webcast itself will be a paid position, but we have a limited travel budget.

We would be happy to consider graduate students or former students who are now out working but the webcast itself will be around noon on a week day so they would need to be available at this time (date pending).  Filming will be in our studio here in Williamsburg but they will need to be available for either an in person meeting or for a skype session with our production team so we can see how well they answer questions and speak to the topic. We will want to have those meetings and make our decision by mid-August so if you have any suggestions please don't wait.

Please feel free to forward this or have people call or email me directly. To contact me during the day my work number is 757-565-8525.

I would be happy to answer any additional questions. Thank you.


~ Jen Garrott

Associate Producer

Colonial Williamsburg Productions

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