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Hi there, class of 2016! Thank you for stopping by our study abroad table yesterday morning and attending our information session earlier today. We hope you're as excited as we are to see you on Mason's campus this fall!

Right now, CGE students are studying abroad in Buenos Aires, London, Milan, Montreal, Paris and elsewhere. Like us on facebook to see where the very first freshman has applied to study abroad this winter break!

DISCOVER: This is a picture of Mason students in Ecuador last January, including Jade, the rising sophomore who discovered her 5-year-old host sister could be her best Spanish teacher while earning three Spanish credits toward her minor in Spanish. 

That's right, many winter break programs are open to current freshmen, depending on whether or not you have fulfilled the prerequisites before the program departs. Last year at least one freshman studied abroad on each one of these programs:

Browse the complete list of our winter break programs and if interested, apply online by October 5, 2012. 

LEARN: As we said earlier this week, let study abroad help you think in new ways! For example, why take the general education fine arts or literature requirement on campus when you can fulfill either requirement on our London Theater Tour? You don't even have to take our word for it. Here is an evaluation of the London Theater program on written by one of last year's participants. 
emester or year-long programs are a great way to 
immerse yourself in a different culture as you experience what it's like to live abroad. When you're living abroad the neighborhood where you reside becomes youneighborhood, and what was once so new and "foreign" becomes the norm. 

Speaking of semester programs, our Oxford Honors Semester Program is a seventeen-year tradition that offers students unparalleled one-on-one attention from faculty at the most prestigious university in the world. Please note this highly competitive program now offers a spring semester option as well! 

CONNECT: Last but not least, study abroad is a great way to make new friends and contacts as you connect your studies with your life and work back home! Be sure to join us next month on Monday, August 27 for our Welcome Week event where you'll be able to meet other students who've recently studied abroad and hear from successful professionals about the connection they see between study abroad and their international careers.

Have a great weekend, enjoy the rest of your summer, and we'll see you soon!

Kevin Stoy
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