Iím using OvalPortrayal2D(6) to display large disks and OvalPortrayal2D() to
display small disks and I need to know when the small disk overlaps the
large disk.

Is the location of a disk given by its center? If so, then if I knew the
radius r of the large disk, I could use something like:

Bag bag = baysim.fishSpace.getObjectsExactlyWithinDistance(myNewLoc, r);

where myNewLoc is the location of the small disk.

This should return all the large disks whose centers are within r of the
center of the small disk or, equivalently, all large disks containing the
small disk.

My question is, what is the radius of the large disk OvalPortrayal2D(6)?
Does scale 6 denote the number of units across and hence the diameter of the

Would this be the correct way to determine if the disks overlap or is there
a better way?