Iím trying to extract TimeSeriesAttributes in order to set the line color in
a time-series by using setStrokeColor(). I followed the suggestions in:

	MASON-INTEREST-L Digest - 24 Aug 2009 to 26 Aug 2009 (#2009-25)

I am using the following sample code segments:

	TimeSeriesChartGenerator chartgen;
	TimeSeriesAttributes attrib;
	XYSeries series[];

	series[1] = new XYSeries("Fish abundance", false);
	series[2] = new XYSeries("Seal abundance", false);

	chartgen.addSeries(series[1],  null);
	chartgen.addSeries(series[2],  null);

	TimeSeriesAttributes attrib = 
                   (TimeSeriesAttributes) chartgen.getSeriesAttributes(1);


However,  when I try to extract the TimeSeriesAttributes in the line before
last, I get the following error:

	The method getSeriesAttributes() in the type ChartGenerator is not
              applicable for the arguments (int)

Is this the correct way to change the line color?