Thanks. I wasn't aware that the method no longer existed. I revised my code
as indicated in the following segments:

TimeSeriesChartGenerator chartgen;
SeriesAttributes[] attrib = new TimeSeriesAttributes[2];
XYSeries[] series = new XYSeries[2];

series[0] = new XYSeries("Fish", false);
series[1] = new XYSeries("Seal", false);

chartgen.addSeries(series[0],  null);
chartgen.addSeries(series[1],  null);

attrib = chartgen.getSeriesAttributes();

However, I'm still not sure how to modify a particular series' attributes in
order to change the line color in the plot. Does each entry in the
SeriesAttributes array correspond to exactly one time series? If this is so,
then I assume that to change the color corresponding to series[0], the code
would read:

attrib[0].reviseColor(, 1.0);

But this did not work. Maybe SetStrokeColor( should somehow be
used instead. I don't know.

Any suggestions?

Thanks again.