>> TimeSeriesChartGenerator chartgen;
>> SeriesAttributes[] attrib = new TimeSeriesAttributes[2];
>> XYSeries[] series = new XYSeries[2];
>> series[0] = new XYSeries("Fish", false);
>> series[1] = new XYSeries("Seal", false);
>> chartgen.addSeries(series[0],  null);
>> chartgen.addSeries(series[1],  null);
>> attrib = chartgen.getSeriesAttributes();

The MASON16 documentation and also my IDE says that getSeriesAttributes() is
a protected method.  So how can you access it like that ??   

I also want to set the line color of a TimeSeries, but Eclipse insists:
"The method getSeriesAttributes() from the type ChartGenerator is not visible"

What am I doing different form you ?

Many thanks,