Dear Students,
Good luck on exams !

When you have a chance to think about the fall 2012 schedule, look over 
the BINF and BIOL listings to see what is available. You are able to 
register for classes now.   If you plan to register for BIOL 563 
Virology, BIOL 691 Cell-Based Assays or BIOL 690 Intro to Grad Studies 
this fall term, *email the course instructor and request a course 
override. * Click on the envelope icon next to the professor's name 
listed in the schedule of classes on Patriot Web.  Include your GMU ID 
number in your email request.  Please see the attached instructions 
about course overrides. 

A reminder that we offer at least one section of *BIOL 695 / BIOS 704 
seminar* each spring and fall semester.

You may be interested in *BINF 636, "Microarray Methods/Analysis"* as an 
elective. It is appropriate for students interested in  Proteomics, 
Functional Genomics and Molecular biotechnology. The course description 
may be found on  

Dr. Dmitri Klimov is offering a Bioinformatics course that will 
substitute for the BIOL 580/BINF 630 requirement for molecular 
concentration in the MS Biology program. It is also *BIOL 691, 
"Molecular Modeling for Biology"*, 3 credits.  Dr. Klimov notes that a 
bioinformatics background is _not_ needed for this course.

If you plan to register for *BIOL 798 Project or BIOL 799 Thesis 
credits*** for the first time in the fall 2012 semester, you will need 
to have your "Committee Formation" form AND the "Proposal Approval" form 
signed and sent to me asap.  I will get the dept. approval signatures on 
the forms, and then send you the CRN to register with. Get a jump start 
on spring 2013 by forming your Master's thesis or project committee in 
fall 2012 !

* BIOL 693 Directed Studies* form is found on  under "MS Biology".  
Please fill in the details in consultation with your professor and send 
it along to me for registration. This is a good way to work on your 
thesis proposal while you are forming your committee or narrowing down 
your thesis or project topic.  It is normally from one to three credits.

Any questions let me know.
thank you,
Diane St. Germain


Diane St. Germain
Coordinator, Graduate Academic Programs
Biology, Biosciences, Bioinformatics
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