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We are offering a 2-credit lecture / lab course this fall term, BIOL 691 "Cell-Based Assays". Students will meet for 3 lecture sessions at the beginning of the term, and also have a webinar component.  Lab schedule will be one full week, by mutual agreement of the class.  This particular course offering will meet the "lab techniques" requirement for Master's students in the molecular concentration.  It would also benefit those students who would like to have some hands-on lab experience.

The class size is limited to 6 students, and will meet on Thursdays at 7:20, PW campus.  You must email Dr. Baranova ([log in to unmask]) or Dr. Birerdinc ([log in to unmask]) if you wish to register for this course.  Include your G number in your email request.  If approved, the professor will issue you a "course override" on Patriot Web which will allow you a 72 hour window to register for the course.  You must log in to Patriot Web daily until you see the override, and then register yourself.

Be sure to note that this course is 2 credits, not 3 on your program of study.

thank you,
Diane St. Germain
Diane St. Germain

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