Seminar Announcement

Data Confidentiality Challenges in Health Care

Lucy Doyle

McKesson Corporation

Johnson Center 3rd Floor Meeting Room F

Time: 11 am 12 pm

Date: Friday, April 27, 2012


The demand to collect and share data for research and business processes is increasing and the availability of information continues to grow with each passing hour. Data protection and data confidentiality challenges, which have different meanings and interpretations in varying environments, consistently arise in managing healthcare information. To support data confidentiality endeavors in multiple environments and technologies, data protection tools and techniques are applied to mitigate the risk of re-identification of individuals. However, understanding and interpreting data in a meaningful way is a challenge and has led to increased awareness of the need for new roles and responsibilities as data scientists. This seminar discusses challenges and highlights the need for statisticians and their changing roles as data science professionals in managing data confidentiality and in developing and fostering increasing roles and responsibilities.