Dr. Daniel A. Menasce
Senior Associate Dean
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George Mason University
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> Subject: Effort Commitments
> Dear OSP Advisory Group and Research Council,
> I am writing to bring to your attention an issue that was raised  
> during our last NSF Audit - meeting effort commitments made by PIs  
> and key personnel on sponsored agreements.  Specifically, if we  
> commit a certain percentage of time in a proposal we need to charge  
> that level of effort or account that percentage as cost share (using  
> an activity code).  Federal requirements are that reductions of PI  
> effort more than 25% require prior sponsor approval.
> In recent weeks we have had a few cases where senior, experienced  
> PIs were not charging sufficient effort to their projects but wanted  
> to include additional time progress reports or current and pending  
> documents suggesting they were "volunteering" their time.   
> Unfortunately, unless we are charging it or accounting for it as  
> cost share it does not show on effort reports and we are unable to  
> include on progress reports.  We also likely need to request prior  
> approval from the sponsor to adjust the budget and reduce the PI  
> effort level.
> This issue requires monitoring from each academic unit to make sure  
> we are meeting effort commitments made in our proposal submissions.   
> Thanks for your assistance in making faculty salaries are being  
> charged appropriately to sponsored projects.  In short, we are  
> asking to actually charge consistent what was originally proposed.   
> I do not think this should be a problem, but there does not seem to  
> be a good understanding amongst some faculty of this requirement.
> We also are working on developing some queries to highlight projects  
> where no PI effort is being charged.
> If you have questions please let me know.
> mike