In the next few weeks you will be asked to complete student course 
evaluations.  Perhaps you wonder what the point is and what happens to them.

First, course evaluations are tabulated by the university, and faculty 
receive the results long after they have submitted the grades at the end 
of the semester, so there is no effect on your grade by completing them 

Second, the university keeps an eye on the numerical tabulations for 
faculty.  No one believes these numbers tell the full story, but they 
tell at least part of it.  You are encouraged to add written comments on 
the back of the evaluation sheet and these are returned to the CEIE Dept 
first, and then to the instructor.  This gives you a chance to say way 
more than the numerical scores.

First or second time instructors are especially open to constructive 
comments, for example "more homework before tests would be helpful", or 
"posting homework solutions on line would be helpful" or "the course 
used too much powerpoint" or "the guest lecturers, especially the one 
from ABC, were excellent complements to the course", or "the field trips 
demonstrated concepts that I had not understood fully in class", or "the 
professor was really well-organized for every class and it showed".  
This will benefit students who follow you, and you can benefit from 
students ahead of you.

And I read the course evaluations, too, so your comments alert me to 
problems that needs to be addressed, or tell me that we've made a good 
choice of faculty.

So help us out, and help yourself at the same time.


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