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*    GRAND Seminar


Serious Games


April 24, noon, Tuesday
ENGR 4201


Len Annetta
Associate professor
Science Education


Jan Allbeck


This research presentation will illustrate how Dr. Annetta began
studying Serious Games and the funded research he has been awarded
throughout his career. His work in scientific visualization, with a
specific focus on spatial visualization and mental rotation, will be
highlighted from new data on high school students in the National
Science Foundation funded GRADUATE project. Finally, this talk will
communicate Dr. Annetta’s vision for how Serious Games can bridge a
variety of disciplines.

Short bio:

An associate professor of Science Education at George Mason
University, Dr. Annetta’s research has focused on distance learning
and the effect of instructional technology on science learning of
teachers and students in underserved populations. Understanding the
popularity of online, multiuser video game play, Dr. Annetta has been
awarded over $5 million in grants to support his work on distance
learning and the use of Serious Educational Games as a vehicle for
learning STEM content and STEM career awareness. In 2008, he was
honored with three awards for his extension work teaching K-12
teachers and students’ video game design and creation. These awards
were progressive from the College of Education Outstanding Extension
Service Award, to the induction into the NC State University Academy
of Outstanding Faculty Engaged in Extension to the Distinguished
Alumni Engaged in Extension and Outreach award. Moreover, Dr. Annetta
has twice been awarded the National Technology Leadership Initiative
Fellowship in Science Education and Technology from the Association of
Science Teacher Education and the Society for Information Technology
and Teacher Education.

*Jyh-Ming Lien*
Assistant Professor, George Mason University