Hello Longdexin,

One thing you can do is to transform Lisp s-expressions into Wolfram
Mathematica notation (there is a script `convertToMathematica.lisp' for
that in the ec/app/regression/ directory) and then experiment with
Simplify, Factor and Expand in Mathematica (if you have access to an
instance of it). You could also use Wolfram Alpha but it is pretty
limited in regards to the expression length you are trying to process.

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On 04/24/2012 09:56 AM, Longdexin wrote:
> Hi, I'm now using ECJ to do a symbolic regression job. 
>     In order to make the result tree easy and nice, I have set the max tree 
> depth to 7 instead of default 17. And my way of achiving the utimate formula 
> is by using the Graphviz to get a visual tree and then calculating the tree 
> manually. 
>     Considering that this method is abviously tricky and time-consuming, I'm 
> wondering if  there is another way I can go to break and simplify a dreadful 
> Lisp expresson.
>     Please help me with it, thank you so much !
Alexander Yakushev

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