Personally I don't find refactoring a name any problem with modern tools, so
I would lean towards "VectorGene --> Gene". 

Since I maintain a C# fork, I don't really get a vote. But I'll take this
opportunity to cast a ballot for moving to generics. 

I know that would be a big job, and I know how you feel about the problems
in Java. But....


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One item I've long contemplated is renaming VectorGene to just Gene.  This
would be more consistent with the naming scheme of the other vector
individuals and species, and it'd be less to type.

I could do one of four things:

1. Directly rename VectorGene to Gene and let people start screaming.

2. Make Gene be a superclass of VectorGene (which would be empty and
deprecated).  This would require refactoring all references of VectorGene in
GeneVectorIndividual and GeneVectorSpecies to refer to Gene instead.
Eventually get rid of VectorGene.

3. Make Gene be a (for now) empty subclass of VectorGene and deprecate
VectorGene.  Eventually get rid of VectorGene.  I don't know the
consequences of using a deprecated superclass.

4. Keep things as they are and live with it.