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Subject: An NGS workshop

 NGS analysis workshop down here on May 17-18, with a strong emphasis on getting to answers (not algorithms and data structures). 

WINGS: Workshop in Next Generation Sequencing

MAY 17-18, 2012
Thursday, May 17
12PM - 6PM
Friday, May 18
8AM - 4:30PM

UN C Charlott e
Bioinformatics Building
Robert D. Snyder Road
Charlotte, NC 2822

Registration is at

This workshop is designed to showcase paths to successful utilization of highseq
data while providing a solid understanding as to why specific tools were
chosen. It includes a collection of presentations describing the experiments
themselves followed by extended hands-on sessions. Our goal is to provide
experimentalists both the theory and the experience to be able to institute
these pipeline in their own laboratory.
* On Thursday the presenters will explain the various experimental
design choices from selecting methods and algorithms to other parameters
and considerations in order to acheive specific outcomes.
* On Friday there will be three 2-hour sessions with two workshops
per session running concurrently. Attendees get hands-on experience in a
directed tutorial that takes a preliminary dataset through a pipeline that is
properly tuned to the experiment. Attendees select workshop sessions, on a
first-come first-serve basis.
Participants will take home the datasets, presentations, and will be able to
obtain images of the analysis system for use in their home labs.

Topics include:
* Basic HTS data cleansing with
Velvet - the preliminary sorting of
raw data to exclude poor quality,
adaptors and other artefacts.
* ChIP-Seq data analysis - the goal
of this session ios to perform some
basic tasks in the analysis of ChIPSeq
* Amplicon fequency in a
forensic experiment.
* Amplicon frequency in a
metagenomic experiment
* RNA-Seq analysis in a
Visual analytics framework
for splice form recognition
* Tailoring NGS analysis
pipelines using Galaxy

Dr. Jennifer W Weller
Bioinformatics Bldg 353
9201 University City Blvd
Charlotte NC 28223
704-687-7678 (office)
704-687-8667 (fax)