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*    GRAND Seminar


Pedestrians to Cities with Agent-based modeling and GIS


April 3, noon, Tuesday
ENGR 4201


Andrew Crooks
Assistant professor
Department of Computational Social Science


Jan Allbeck


This talk will explore how agent-based models can be explicitly linked
to "real world" locations with spatial information and be used to
explore a wide range of social phenomena. From that of the small scale
movement of pedestrians over seconds; to that of urban growth over
decades. All the applications will focus on individuals or groups of
individuals and how such interactions lead to more aggregate patterns
emerging. Moreover, the talk will demonstrate how new technologies and
sources of information (e.g. volunteered geographic information and
twitter) can be used to inform the model building process.

Short bio:

Andrew Crooks is an assistant professor in the Department of
Computational Social Science and a researcher in the Center for Social
Complexity at George Mason University. He holds a PhD from University
College London.

His research relates to exploring, understanding and the communication
of urban built and socio-economic environments using geographic
information systems (GIS), spatial analysis, geovisualisation, social
network analysis and agent-based modeling methodologies. Further
information about these interests is available on his blog or personal website

*Jyh-Ming Lien*
Assistant Professor, George Mason University