One of your fellow graduate students asked that the following announcement be passed along:

Teaching History in Higher Education: the 14th annual Higher Education Academy Teaching and Learning Conference 2012

Conference partner: The Institute of Historical Research, School of Advanced Studies, University of London.

This year, the Higher Education Academy’s annual teaching and learning conference on history in higher education will be held in partnership with the Institute of Historical Research in Senate House, London. Scholars are more aware than ever before of the symbiosis between historical research and their teaching. They are also becoming more engaged with the ways in which pedagogic research, innovation and theory can inform, enhance and support both the student and staff experience. More generally, higher education is undergoing transformational change in the UK and elsewhere. Students’ aims and expectations of their course, institution and learning experience are all rising and the various, if contentious, measures of excellence in teaching, learning and educational outcomes are informing their institutional choices.