ICG Europe (www.icg-europe.org <http://www.icg-europe.org>) 	 
  	Less than 3 months away now until the opening of one of the largest 
genomics conference in Europe. There will be a gathering of top 
scientists, researchers and experts in genome research from all over 
Europe in Copenhagen at ICG-Europe. 	 
<http://www.icg-europe.org/registration/> 	Register now and save 40EUR. 
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 Main Sessions

    * Breaking Techniques of Sequencing
    * Breaking Techniques of Sequencing
    * Human Disease Genomics
    * Bio-Banking


    * Data and Bio-cloud Computing
    * Metagenomics
    * Plant and Animal Genomics
    * Diagnosis and Clinical Sequencing


    * Workshop on ELSI of Genome Research


    * Workshop on improving biotech collaboration

Don't hesitate and register now. <http://www.icg-europe.org/registration/>