DATE:            Friday, February 17, 2012

TIME:            10:30am  - 11:30pm

LOCATION: Johnson Center 327 - Assembly Room C


What is a systems engineer & what real world problems are they solving?

John A. Thomas
Senior Vice President and Chief Systems Engineer, Booz Allen Hamilton



The systems engineering career field offers many avenues in which to engage
and explore for helping solve the world's problems.  It's a field that draws
on technical expertise, the ability to understand aspects of building a
program, a vision to recognize connections, and the ability to problem
solve.  A systems engineer is a leader of the technical disciplines. Learn
about the world's challenges systems engineer leaders are working to solve.


Short Bio

John A. Thomas. a Senior Vice President at Booz Allen Hamilton and its Chief
Systems Engineer, specializes in delivery of large-scale systems engineering
and integration services. His areas of systems expertise include systems
engineering and integration, system analysis, solutions delivery, and
conflict management and resolution associated with singular complex
problems. Mr. Thomas is the president of the International Council of
Systems Engineering (INCOSE). He is a prolific writer and speaker on the
integration of systems engineering with business analysis and program
support services. Mr. Thomas has worked in commercial and public sectors,
predominantly with organizations whose missions are aligned to U.S. defense,
intelligence, and homeland security. 



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