Volgenau School Faculty and Staff:


As we are all now aware, Danny Menasce has announced that he is stepping
down at the end of this semester as our School's Senior Associate Dean. He
has provided us with outstanding service in this position for more than six
and one half years. He will be deeply missed.


We will also have a new Dean, Ken Ball, taking over this Fall. During this
transition period, it is very important that continuity be maintained in
Danny's position. This is a large job and I am most pleased to announce that
Stephen Nash has agreed to serve as Danny's replacement on an interim basis
for the period May 25, 2012 - May 24, 2013. This decision has been endorsed
by both the Provost and by Dr. Ball. 


I am personally very pleased that Stephen has agreed to fill this important
post for us.





Lloyd J. Griffiths

Dean, Volgenau School of Engineering

George Mason University


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