Seth. Thank's for pointing out the NetLogo repo!

You beat me too the chicken and the egg thing, although clearly saw where was going in asking Sean if it was Cathedral-style by choice. As quirky as it may sound, I find the idea of forking a project, cloning it locally, playing with it, then submitting a pull request via github to be a much less daunting task then submitting a patch. Neither one actually takes long or is difficult, but the github pull request just seems like much less of an investment for the same work. Perhaps this is only because I am more familiar with git than SVN, but I doubt it. I think something is fundamentally more appealing about that workflow. 

Truth be told, I've read some parts of MASON source and thought, "I should change this," but have not wanted to use SVN / email a patch. The fact that NetLogo is now on GitHub encourages me to delve into it's source, contribute, and use NetLogo more -- and I am far from a newbie-ish programmer.

Regardless, Sean, if it does become a more pressing matter, please feel free to ask for another pair of typing hands / sounding board. I don't come into The Center much, but I'm always around.

On Fri, Feb 10, 2012 at 1:25 AM, Sean Luke <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
On Feb 10, 2012, at 12:57 AM, Seth Tisue wrote:

> The causality goes both ways.  Your current tools are working fine for a
> cathedral-style project.  But they are also helping ensure that it
> stays cathedral-style forever because a community never develops.
> Historically, NetLogo has been 98% the work of a few core contributors,
> but we're trying to change that, and that's why we're on Git and GitHub
> now, to try to get the community ball rolling any way we can.  Is it
> working?  Too soon to tell, but I think it's worth a try.

Wait, NetLogo's gone fully open source?  When did this happen, Seth?

Your point is well taken.  On the other hand, NetLogo's got a much bigger user community than MASON, so it stands a better chance of going fully bazaar.  On the other other hand, NetLogo's user community tends to be far more newbie-ish than MASON's for obvious reasons, and so may have a lot fewer git-capable users.  So I dunno.

MASON's got some big upcoming plans.  Maybe we should consider broadening our outreach with a DVCS.  But it can't be for quite a while, I'm just too under the gun.