On Feb 24, 2012, at 5:51 PM, Matt L. Miller wrote:

> indexAfterArgumentForKey(String key, String[] args, int startingAt)
> keyExists(String key, String[] args, int startingAt)
> argumentForKey(String key, String[] args, int startingAt)
> None of those startingAt arguments appear to do anything (probably because
> nothing in the class ever needs anything other than "0").

Yep, a little cruft there.  Actually on SVn indexAfterArgumentForKey is commented out.
I cleaned it up on SVnN.

> Far more nit-picky: I noticed that the comment in keyExists says "key can't
> be the last string," no doubt a carry over from copying the code from one of
> the other two methods; fortunately, the code itself doesn't reflect this,
> since, of course, -help can be the last key.