On Feb 10, 2012, at 9:26 AM, Amit Goel wrote:

> I was just wondering are there any Licensing issues that would stop
> someone from downloading MASON code and uploading to GitHub ?

Absolutely none.  But as you might guess, forks are rarely if ever a good idea for small projects with limited resources.  So I strongly urge you to not do that.

GMU's MASON team will be sticking with SVN for now I think, and with MASON's google code repository rather than any fork.  But MASON may be seeing some really big changes and expansions soon, involving a significant number of people, in which case we'll have to rethink that.  My inclination at that stage would be to tick with Google Code, which has been good to us, and I'd tend to want to go with Mercurial, though we could do git if pressed.