>>>>> "Sean" == Sean Luke <[log in to unmask]> writes:

 Sean> John, I totally understand where you're coming from.  But here's
 Sean> the thing: MASON is largely coded cathedral-style.  [...]

 Sean> That being said, if the community changed and we had a lot more
 Sean> contributors [...]

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

The causality goes both ways.  Your current tools are working fine for a
cathedral-style project.  But they are also helping ensure that it
stays cathedral-style forever because a community never develops.

Historically, NetLogo has been 98% the work of a few core contributors,
but we're trying to change that, and that's why we're on Git and GitHub
now, to try to get the community ball rolling any way we can.  Is it
working?  Too soon to tell, but I think it's worth a try.

Just my two cents (something about a chicken trying to roll a ball out
of a cathedral...?),

Seth Tisue | Northwestern University |
lead developer, NetLogo: