I've just committed significant changes to MasonGeometry's attribute
implementation and have rippled forward those changes to the rest of
GeoMason.  There are a few rough edges to polish yet, but at least now
folks can kick the tires on this incarnation before I cut a new version of

Now accessing attributes is trivial via these new MasonGeometry methods:

Integer getIntegerAttribute(String name)
Double getDoubleAttribute(String name)
String getStringAttribute(String name)
Object getAttributer(String name)
boolean hasAttribute(String name)

Moreover, the lookup for these values is now O(1), not O(log n).
 (Actually, some of the demos had O(n) implementations, which have now been

Note that ShapeFileExporter is currently broken by these changes.  I will
be fixing that shortly.

I'd be keenly interested to learn of any bugs or performance issues with
these changes.  Please e-mail me such, or post them to this mailing list.


Mark Coletti
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