Good afternoon, Chinese-language students. It has been a pleasure meeting all of you in your classes this semester and in past semesters. This is a gentle reminder of a great opportunity to practice your language skills in China during six weeks of Chinese Language & Business Study in Beijing.

Open to students from beginning to advanced levels, the 4-week Chinese language program takes place at Beijing Language & Culture University.
 Students intensively study Chinese language in the morning, then explore the historical sites in and around Beijing in the afternoon and weekends. An Inner-Mongolia Grassland Trip during a long weekend plus a tour of Xi'an are also included in the program fee.

During the 2-week business program supplement, Mason students can fulfill their Global Understanding requirement as they explore the intersection of management, finance, and culture in China. Students will hear lectures on Chinese financial operations, markets and services that will be enhanced through professional site visits to numerous Chinese and multi-national organizations. Potential business-site visits include: 
Hyundai Motor:
Yan Jing Beer:
Kimberley Clark:

Questions? Please contact me at your earliest convenience and I will be more than happy to help!


Denise Elles-Mdahuar 
Program Officer | Center for Global Education
(703) 993-2155 | [log in to unmask]