20 years ago, the government of El Salvador signed a peace agreement with leftist rebels, bringing an end to a 12-year civil war that claimed 70,000 lives.

The Latin American Studies Program at George Mason University has organized the following event series to commemorate the Peace Accords and take stock of present challenges facing El Salvador today. 

Tuesday Feb. 21 @ 4:30 PM (Research 1 163)
Screening of the film "Voces Inocentes (Innocent Voices)" about the impact of the Salvadoran civil war on children, followed by discussion led by Mason faculty Charlotte Rogers and Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of El Salvador Hector Silva 

Tuesday Feb 28 @ 4:30 PM (JC Cinema)
Symposium: "El Salvador Today: 20 Years After the Peace" Featuring a Keynote Address by the Ambassador of El Salvador Francisco Altscul, and a panel discussion featuring Stanford University Professor Terry Lynn Karl, WOLA Program Director Geoff Thale, and Foundation Cristosal Director Noal Bullock

All events are free and open to the public. For full information see attached flyers.

Jo-Marie Burt
Director / Latin American Studies
Co-Director / Center for Global Studies
Associate Professor / Public & International Affairs
George Mason University