GMU Software Engineering Seminar

Speaker: Lima Beauvais

Title: Atomic Section Analysis Tool (AtSAT)

Date/Time: Friday, 1/20/2012 @ 12pm

Location: 4201, Engineering Building


Testing the presentation layer of web applications requires novel
methodologies. In general analyzing, modeling, and testing web applications
and their three main layers creates challenges. However the testing
techniques used for traditional software can be applied to the data
computation and data representation layers. This talk discusses the Atomic
Section Analysis Tool (AtSAT), which helps to mechanize the process of
testing the presentation layer of web applications. AtSAT is based on the
proposed framework of Offutt and Wu (2009) and automates seven of the nine
steps; reducing the time to apply the methodology and minimizing human


Lima Beauvais earned an MS degree in Instructional Technology at Bloomsburg
University, PA in June 2001. He is currently a candidate for the Engineer
Degree at GMU, Fairfax, with a concentration on software testing. He worked
as a Senior Multimedia Developer at PerformTech, Inc. from June 2001 to
November 2007, developing computer-based and web-based courseware.  He has
been working as a Senior Software Engineer at Pal-Tech, Inc. since November
2007, developing web applications and training packages. He taught seminar
classes on multimedia development at the Art Institute of Washington in
Arlington, VA and Sanford Brown college in McLean, VA. He is a member of
the Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) of the Institute of Interactive
Technology at Bloomsburg University.

Sam Malek, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
George Mason University