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              Dear Colleague,

The Sesquicentennial of the Civil War and Emancipation provides a unique, perhaps critical, moment to investigate the meanings and messages of commemorative initiatives across the Commonwealth of Virginia.  I am writing to invite you to share your thoughts and your knowledge about Virginia’s history. 

As an active member of organizations that interpret history, I am hoping you will know of others who would be interested in participating in our January 21st discussion of how slavery and emancipation are remembered in the Northern region of Virginia.

Our project is called, Remembering Slavery, Resistance, and Freedom.  Its main goal is to identify regionally-appropriate ways of commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation in Virginia.  We are asking the public what should be done about this Sesquicentennial and how it fits within the public’s memories of slavery, resistance, and freedom in the Commonwealth. 

Please invite your museum visitors to join us at a regional public forum to be hosted by the Alexandria Black History Museum, in collaboration with the Director, Louis Hicks.  A flyer with meeting details is attached. If you would like a supply of flyers, or would like us to mail flyers to your patrons, please respond to this e-mail, or contact us at 757-221-7681.  To RSVP for the event, please contact the Alexandria Black History Museum at 703-746-4356.

Your personal letter of invitation has been mailed to you. We hope to see you on the 21st.


Michael L. Blakey, PhD


Remembering Slavery, Resistance, and Freedom Project

A partnership of the Virginia General Assembly’s MLK, Jr. Memorial Commission, The College of William and Mary, and the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities