Hello everyone:

I have 158 different methods that I want each one to be a GPNode. Instead of building a 158 classes, I thought of building one class and randomly pick one each time the GPNode is initialized. Surprisingly, I found out that only one method is used and the constructor is called only once. I also noticed that there is only one method used in the first tree. The tree looks like that:
(== (if (or (<= TA-ADX t) (<= TA-ADX TA-ADX)) (if (< t TA-ADX) (if (and (or (nor (and (== t t) (>= TA-ADX t)) (nor (>= t t) (> t TA-ADX))) (== TA-ADX TA-ADX)) (== t t)) t t) (if (nor (< TA-ADX TA-ADX) (< t TA-ADX)) TA-ADX t)) (if (nor (or (> TA-ADX TA-ADX) (and (and (nand (== TA-ADX TA-ADX) (<= TA-ADX t)) (or (or (>= t t) (> t t)) (and (>= TA-ADX t) (< t TA-ADX)))) (nor (== t TA-ADX) (== t t)))) (< TA-ADX TA-ADX)) (if (== t TA-ADX) t TA-ADX) (if (nand (== t TA-ADX) (== t TA-ADX)) t t))) (if (nand (< TA-ADX TA-ADX) (<= t t)) (if (or (< TA-ADX TA-ADX) (< TA-ADX TA-ADX)) (if (nand (> t t) (>= TA-ADX t)) TA-ADX TA-ADX) (if (<= t TA-ADX) TA-ADX t)) (if (> t TA-ADX) (if (> t TA-ADX) TA-ADX t) (if (<= t t) TA-ADX TA-ADX))))

Where TA-*** should change according to the method name. As you notice, only ADX is used in this run. Any ideas to solve that rather than hard-coding it ?

Thanks on advance,