Hello Everybody,

I'm a new user of ECJ. I'm trying to make a genetic algorithm which will
find the best examination timetable according to some rules, which will be
used for implement the fitness function.

The algorithm's final data will be an array which will include rows with the
lesson's name, the date and the time of the examination or even better a
list of objects with properties the name, and the date and time of the

I decided to use the IntegerVectorIndividual with the using the table
indices as the Integer Numbers of the vector.

My questions are:

1. I will define some classes in order to load the algorithms data i.e.
Students , Lessons. How can I load the data from a file, in order to use
them in ECJ?
2. Is it possible to create a global array in order to load the data in it
and using it in ECJ?

Thanks in advance,
George Papaioannou