GMU Catholic Campus Ministry invites you to join with 
hundreds of thousands of our brothers & sisters in Christ for the annual

March for Life 

This Monday, January 23rd, in DC

Information regarding the March for Life can be found here

We will have 11:00AM Mass @ The Chapel before going into DC together

From there will head to the Metro together via the Mason shuttles

If you have class past 11:00 &/or are not able to make it to Mass
(but still want to join us for the March), here is the schedule for getting to the Metro from campus:

The Mason to Metro shuttle departs @ 12:05 
from the Shenandoah (a.k.a. Sandy Creek) Shuttle stop

We will be back on campus by 5:00PM for those who have evening/night classes

You will need $9 to purchase an all day pass for the Metro. 
You should also bring a lunch, or money to purchase one in DC.

Please RSVP & direct any questions you may have regarding 
how the March for Life works to our Facebook event:

Click Here to Be Directed to the Facebook Event

If you want to come but have class conflicts on Monday, contact your professor right away, let them know you will not be in class on Monday, and ask what you need to do to make up the work.