Dear Students,
A reminder that the last day to add a class to your spring schedule or
to drop a class with no tuition owed is Tuesday, January 31.  The final date to drop classes is Friday Feb. 24 but you will have to pay partial tuition.  The academic calendar is found on

Please check your spring schedule on Patriot Web to be sure that your classes and instructors are listed correctly. Any corrections will need to be made before Jan. 31.  This includes lab rotations, directed studies credits and proposal/thesis/dissertation credits.

If you think you may finish up and graduate in the spring term, file your graduation application on Patriot Web before February 24. If you filed to graduate in a previous term and didn't finish, you do need to re-file for spring graduation. More information can be found on

Students, if you find that you are unable to complete the semester due to illness, family commitments or unforeseen emergencies, travel for work, etc. please email the professor(s) right away to let them know, with a copy to me.  Often we are able to make arrangements to withdraw from classes or extend the time frame due to non-academic reasons, and keep your graduate career from going down in flames. If you have job commitments or family obligations that you know of ahead of time, please let the professors know that as well so that you can make necessary arrangements for completing the course.  The beauty of being in a smaller graduate program is that we know you and want to see you succeed.

On that note, have a successful semester!

Diane St. Germain


Diane St. Germain
Coordinator, Graduate Academic Programs
Biology, Biosciences, Bioinformatics
George Mason University
MS 5B3, 10900 University Blvd. Manassas, VA 20110
Phone (703) 993-4263, Fax (703) 993-8976