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Subject: Instant HR/Payroll: Pre-Winter Break Logistics, W-2 Reminder for
Faculty, New Minimum Hourly Rate for Wage Employees, Mini Flex is Flexible
This Year, Tick Tock Discounts and Everyday Valet Closing


Pre-Winter Break Employment Offers & Job Postings
'Tis the season to make job offers! To help us accommodate the high volume
at this time of year, HR requests that submission of offers to be made prior
to the winter break be sent via eWork no later than Tuesday, December 20,
2011. This will ensure ample time to contact candidates, allow them to
consider, and make any necessary negotiations. Keep in mind that the closer
we get to the break, some candidates may have already gone out of town for
the holidays and we may not be able to reach them.

Similarly, please try to submit any new job posting requests by the same
date. Departments may want to consider that, historically, the holiday
season is not the best time to place external advertisements for maximum
candidate exposure vs. advertising cost.

Reminder: Get the Jump on 2012 With Your W-2 
While 2011 is still in full swing, it's not too soon to be thinking about
2012.  Please remind your faculty in December that they can look for their
electronic W-2 by early-January 2012.  During January, your faculty may not
be checking email as often since classes aren't in session.  An electronic
W-2 is something they may be interested in!  Please let them know that it's
fast, simple, and on their timetable.  Simply log-in to PatriotWeb, then
select "Employee Services" then "Tax Forms".  That's it.  No waiting for the
mail.  No forms in triplicate. Access a W-2 whenever they need it, as many
copies as they need.  

Be on the lookout. A targeted e-mail will be sent to all W-2 recipients when
the W-2s are available in early January.  This is just a heads up to ask
that you help us spread the word.  Thanks! 

New Minimum Hourly Rates for Wage Employees
Effective January 1, 2012 the Mason minimum hourly pay rate for all
non-student and most student wage employees will be increased to $8.00 per
hour.  An exception is given for work study positions.  Departments are
encouraged to pay at least the new minimum rate for work study positions
whenever funds allow.   

Human Resources & Payroll will be entering the new pay rates for employees
and no action on the part of departments is needed.  The affected
departments have been contacted.  Anyone with questions should email Sharon
Thompson at [log in to unmask] or Ilse Riddick at [log in to unmask]

Mini Flex
As you may recall, we've held a Mini Flex for the last couple of years
during the week before Winter Break begins because they were shortened work
weeks.  Because this year has a 4-day work week before Winter Break
officially begins on Friday, December 23, we won't be holding a formal Mini
Flex.  That said, supervisors should feel free to institute an informal flex
arrangement for telework for a day or two that week if they choose.  An
informal arrangement doesn't require any paperwork -- think of it as
permitting someone to informally telework because a moose sat on their car
(an actual reason someone couldn't come to work from an employer in Maine).
Please keep in mind that telework before winter break is work -- people must
account for the hours of their regular work day.  Supervisors should be
mindful of discussing measurable work product with their staff who telework.

Tick Tock Discounts
A reminder that we have some "Tick Tock" discounts on the work/life discount
page <>   (discounts with a deadline).  Featuring
Famous Dave's in Oakton and Falls Church. 

Everyday Valet Closing
Speaking of discounts, we're sad to report that Everyday Valet is closing.
The dry cleaning day and Costco Day scheduled for this month are canceled.
The discount has been removed from the work/life discount page.

Please share excerpts of Instant HR/Payrolls with your faculty and staff as
We rely on you to help us "get out the word".  Thanks!