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Sent: Tuesday, December 06, 2011 9:51 AM
To: Andrea Bartoli; Marc Broderick; Tom Calhoun; Jack Censer; Vikas
Chandhoke; Kim Eby; Mark Ginsberg; Lloyd Griffiths; Jorge Haddock; Linda
Harber; Tom Hennessey; Joy Hughes; Corey Jackson; Betty Jolly; Christine
LaPaille; Michelle Marks; Alan Merten; Tom Moncure; Janette Muir; Sarah
Nutter; Tom O'Connor; James L. Olds; Peter Pober; Dan Polsby; William
Reeder; Edward Rhodes; Morrie Scherrens; Sandra Scherrens; Anne Schiller;
Linda Schwartzstein; Peter Stearns; Roger Stough; Shirley Travis; John
Zenelis; Robin Herron
Subject: SACS Accreditation

Dear Colleagues,

Just a note to say that SACS has reaffirmed our accreditation, with
congratulations from staff on our responses to their concerns.  No further
reports are necessary.

This is a terrific result, which reflects well on us all.  Specific thanks
for huge effort go to Linda Schwartzstein, Claudia Rector, Kris Smith, Kim
Eby, and Terry Zawacki (at the very least).

Best wishes,

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