Now that finals are almost over, let your mind wander to a warmer place! What could be better
than spending two weeks on the Mediterranean? Warning: whale and dolphin sightings are
entirely possible while on this program!

The Center for Global Education has teamed with the Tethys Institute to offer Mason students
a unique introduction to Mediterranean ecosystems through hands-on environmental research.
Watch video of that exciting research here:

Led by Dr. Greg Guagnano from Mason�s Sociology and Anthropology department, this summer
a small group of Mason students will travel to the island of Elba off the coast of Tuscany in Italy to
examine the interplay between environment and society in the countries bordering the Mediterranean.

The program includes a six-day research expedition aboard the Tehys Institute�s sailing vessel in
the Ligurian Sea, where students will participate in all phases of  the institute's research on
cetaceans of the Pelagos Sanctuary, including data analysis through advanced methodologies.

Lectures by Dr. Guagano and the Tethys staff will compliment research, as the group explores
social responses to environmental change and the tension that often exists between policy,
ideology and science.

Take time over the break to browse the program's web page for details and to apply online:

Have a wonderful holiday and great start to 2012!


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Marketing Coordinator | Center for Global Education
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