Hi Sean,

Sorry to bother you with this, but I had a quick question regarding the
Schedule.  A while ago (back in March) you sent around a revised version
of the Schedule (called Schedule2.java, see attached) that you were
thinking might make some people's simulations run a little faster that
have larger numbers of agents.  I was thinking of giving it a try as my
simulation represents five species of fish and two fishing fleets on the
Gulf coast of Florida (about 8 million agents).  When I dumped the file
into MASON 13, however, I got a syntax error on line 42 (which says
super.clear();) and when I dump it into MASON 16, I get a syntax error on
line 33 (which says super.pushToAfterSimulation();).  It can't seem to be
able to find or over-ride these functions in the original schedule.  Any
quick fixes?  Also, have people had much success speeding up their
simulation using this class?  Mine is multi-threaded and currently takes
about 9 hours on a 64 bit windows 7 machine that has intel's i7 processor
and 16G of memory (which I'm not complaining about given the number of
agents and calculations).  Once I clean up the code that does fish
recruitment I should be able to cut this time down a little more.

Thanks for your help,
Steve Saul

> Maciej Latek and I are working on a revised version of the Schedule
> which is somewhat more complex but is expected to perform better when
> you have larger numbers of agents and a small number of orderings per
> timestep.  The downside is that it must use a Hashtable internally to
> retain various Bags, and the hashing  provides a constant overhead.
> So it might or might not be faster for your application.
> In MASON you can just drop in a replacement for your Schedule, like
> this:
>      public HeatBugs(long seed)
>          {
>          this(seed, 100, 100, 100);
> 	schedule = new Schedule2();    // dump the old Schedule, use
> Schedule2 instead
>          }
> So this means that we might offer Schedule2.java as an option rather
> than replacing Schedule.java if people like it.
> Let me know what you think -- did it make your simulation faster?
> Sean

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