On Nov 14, 2011, at 11:49 AM, Frederik wrote:

> What I want to try now is to evolve some kind of indivual where the controller still 
> is a GP individual (subpopulation 0?) but the senors are coded into a vector of bits 
> or integers (subpopulation 1?) . Breeding should be between vectors or controllers 
> of the same individuals. Is there an easy way to do such a thing? Is there a 
> similar predifined parameter file for this?

If your goal is to have an individual which is part-tree, part-vector, you've got some hacking ahead of you.

If instead your goal is to evolve a set of tree individuals and a separate set of vector individuals in a coevolutionary fashion (which is what it sounds like from your two subpopulations), that's quite easy to set up.  Just make one subpopulation a tree subpopulation and the other one a vector subpopulation, complete with their own individual breeding pipelines.  that's the way I'd go.