Dear PhD Students,
If you will need to register for Directed Study/Research credits  (BIOS 898 or 899) in spring 2012, please consult with the instructor you will be working with to fill out the form on  under "PhD Biosciences".   Send me the form once it's signed by you and the instructor. If you have discussed the independent study details in an email with the professor you may print out and attach the email.

If you have not registered for dissertation proposal credits (BIOS 998) in previous terms, you'll need to first form a dissertation committee to register.  The committee form is found on  Please send it along to me once your committee members have signed, and I will get the dept. signatures. If you have registered for dissertation proposal credits (BIOS 998) in previous terms and want to register again in fall please send me an email for the CRN.
For a lab rotation (BIOS 703), first send an email to the professor for permission and then forward his/her answer to me.  I'll email you the CRN to use to register with.

Any questions please let me know!  I would appreciate having the necessary forms or emails by December 16.

thank you,
Diane St. Germain 

Diane St. Germain
Coordinator, Graduate Academic Programs
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