On Oct 5, 2011, at 1:57 PM, Jon Goldstein wrote:

> Do you mean MASON 16? This is the most recent version on the Website. 

Yeah, I meant 16.  :-)

> Also, the only problem I had upgrading has to do with the switch from protected to package protected for the generator member variable in SeriesAttribute. In general, if someone builds a new chart generator type, the SeriesAttribute that goes along with it might need access to the corresponding generator to make changes based on user inputs (e.g., look at your implementation of HistogramSeriesAttribute) so it seems that the generator ought to be protected (otherwise, I would argue it ought to be private, not package protected). Anyway, this change broke my code somewhat so I thought would alert you to it and caused me to write a little hack to get it around it (store my own member variable and then short-circuit the buildAttributes() and rebuildGraphicsDefinitions() call in the super class constructor until I call them later in my constructor after storing the other generator variable...)

Jon, can you tell me why SeriesAttributes.getGenerator() wouldn't work?  Do you need to set the generator for some reason?