PLEASE PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION TO THE NOTICE BELOW ENTITLED “Action Needed: DHRM Policy on Electronic Communications and Social Media.


All current faculty and staff must go to the website and acknowledge the new policy.  Please do this in a timely manner.





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Subject: Instant HR/Payroll: Working at Mason Facebook Page, Action Needed on the DHRM Policy on Electronic Communications and Social Media, a Change in Plans for MBPs and more.


Working at Mason on Facebook
We're hoping that will become an important communications tool to share some of the great recruitment, recognition, learning and work/life opportunities that are available at Mason.  If you haven't had a chance, we invite you to take a look.

Action Needed: DHRM Policy on Electronic Communications and Social Media
The Working at Mason Facebook page is a good segue to the State Department of Human Resource Management's Use of Electronic Communications and Social Media Policy.  As more Mason departments use Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites and as most of us use email and IM, it's important to review this state policy.  You'll note that the policy includes a "Certificate of Receipt" at the end.  New employees will be required to acknowledge receipt of this policy at orientations. 

Current employees must go to, review the online Certificate of Receipt and acknowledge the policy.  Once you acknowledge receipt, the Certificate will be removed from view in future visits to myMasonHR. Because this is a potential audit point, it is very important that all faculty and staff acknowledge receipt of the policy.  Please forward this information throughout your department.

We hope you find that the electronic acknowledgment process is: 1) more befitting of an electronic communications policy and 2) better for the environment, and 3) less time consuming for Mason's faculty and staff.

Change in Plans: Member Benefit Profiles (MBP)
In our 7/29/11 Instant HR/Payroll we said that once MBPs were available online, we would send out a target email to all VRS participants. Beep, beep.  We're backing up!

The start of the academic year creates lots of traffic in email inboxes.  Rather than add to it, we're experimenting with an alternate form of communication.  We've posted a link to important benefits information on PatriotWeb timesheets.  It includes information on TRICARE (Instant HR/Payroll 8/11/11) and MBPs. We welcome your feedback on this type of communication.

Update: New Links for International Step-by-Steps

Just in case you use previous Instant HR/Payrolls as a point of reference, we wanted to let you know that the direct links for the international employee flyers for  students and  for faculty and staff have changed.  Both are still available on the NEW Center website.